Protege Trainer's Saturday Class

Protege Trainer's Saturday Class

  • $165.00

The Prophetic Protégé Training program is a Saturday class for Trainers. This tier we will focus on Prophetic Demonstration, Public Speaking to an active group, Special techniques, and much more. This is a Three-Tier Training Program; Teaching My Protégés to raise up

 Schools of the Prophets themselves. The class is held every 3rd Saturday 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. for six-month.

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Four easy payments of 83.95, allows everyone to be part of these life-changing, purposeful classes.

If you desire to get a tremendous discount you can pay the one-time payment here of $195.00 Register Now, this offer ends April 1st, 2018!

What Can You Expect?

Along with the Trainer’s Class will come: My book “The Renaissance Prophet’s” Teacher’s Edition manual, and my special edition of “The New Dreams & Revelations of The Lord Workbook”, FREE admission to the upcoming School of Prophets, and participation in teaching opportunities.

There is a great need for Prophetic Groups and One-On-One Mentoring sessions. By understanding the mandate on your life, I want to share this amazing opportunity with you. This is an opportunity to share in the anointing, gifting, and years of experience I have accomplished.

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